Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

We strive to build and maintain an inclusive and diverse workplace with equal opportunities and mutual respect for all employees regardless of their backgrounds and socio-economic status

Our commitment

We are committed to being a diverse and inclusive company. Like most of our peers, we still have a lot of work to do, but we maintain a strong focus on our goal and know that we will get a little closer to it every day. We aim to have a strong organisation where diverse opinions, backgrounds and experiences lead to better decision-making that better serves the patients that we are here to help. Ensuring diversity and inclusion is an expected and natural consideration in all interactions, processes, policies and services is led by our Global Diversity and Inclusion team.

Improving representation

We are committed to reflect the diverse nature of our employees, customers and communities. Our diverse community includes people of different genders, ages, ethnicities, physical appearances, sexual orientations, religions, and educational backgrounds. We have already initiated “Careers without Borders” which allows employees to take on senior roles without a need to relocate to our headquarters. By not requiring employees to relocate themselves and their families, results in increasing the representation and diversity of our leadership.

Closing the gender pay gap

We are committed to ensuring that employees are paid fairly and equitably. We will undertake annual pay audits, external benchmarking and review of internal processes to review any gender pay inequalities that may exist.

Education and raising awareness

We are committed to a programme of education and raising awareness amongst our employees. We promote and publicise various events in accordance with the diversity and inclusion calendar. We ensure that our managers and employees undertake appropriate training to raise their own understanding of what diversity and inclusion means and how they can contribute in creating an inclusive environment. We also undertake various data analysis and provide regular feedback to managers and employees.

Reducing inequalities in the provision of healthcare

As a company focused on improving reproductive medicine and maternal health globally, we also recognise the additional disparities that minority communities can face when trying to build a family. Learn more about Ferring’s commitment in reducing inequality.

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