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Ferring + You

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Ferring + You

We know that our people are our greatest resource. Today, we are more than 6,000 strong across the globe, including nearly 100 here in the UK & Ireland cluster. We strive to create a workplace that represents our passion for people and families ‐ one where ideas are listened to, contributions are valued, and we empower and support each other to achieve excellence together.

“I am an individual and can have my say and influence direction, as well as being valued for what I can offer. I feel that Ferring lives up to its ethos of people come first and that includes patients and customers. I am listened to.”
– Ferring colleague

We are dedicated to gathering people from diverse perspectives and backgrounds that ignite curiosity, collaboration, ambitious thinking, and results. Through our people come first philosophy, programmes and initiatives, we are committed to rewarding our brave and determined people with opportunities to contribute to the innovative therapies that we are creating for patients and doctors as we unite toward a common vision: to pioneer life-changing medicines that make conception, birth and life possible.

Job Code: UK-nonP-2200032 – Date of preparation: December 2022

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